I’m a Danish computer science researcher. My main field of interest is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), in particular with the intersection between human behavior and computational methods. My recent work includes research in Affective Computing, Mobile Sensing, and Virtual Reality. I am particularly fond of psychological constructs, their use within UI evaluations, and their potential in human-AI applications; this interest has fueled work in computational-focused research crossed with body ownership, dishonesty, and cognitive load. See all my publications here.



Mini Bio

I’m currently a postdoc at the Virtual Learning Lab, at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, working with Guido Makransky. I received my PhD in computer science in 2019 from University of Copenhagen, supervised by Kasper Hornbæk in the ERC-funded project BodyUI. During fall 2017 I visited Pattie Maes‘ group Fluid Interfaces at MIT Media Lab. My thesis entitled Computer-Cognition Interfaces: Sensing and influencing mental processes with computer interaction is available here.



Write me at amot@psy.ku.dk or call me at +45 27647016. You can also visit my LinkedIn or my Twitter. You may also look at my code here.